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community initiative

Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

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Communities in action

Our aim is to reduce the amount of plastic in Kinsale and up recycling rates by giving practical, actionable advice. We want to connect all stakeholders - at home, in business, in clubs and in schools. It is difficult to eliminate all plastics from our lives, but we hope we can help to at least grow awareness around the issue and empower people to make changes.


At home, business, schools and clubs

We picked four main stakeholders in our community. The aim is to give them 3 Asks - three things they can do to play their part in helping Kinsale use less plastic. 


There is a lot of confusion around what people can and cannot do when it comes to plastics and recycling generally. New efforts have been made by Government to educate people. We want to row in and help in any way we can.


We want to help you avoid single use plastic, reduce waste, maximise recycling and empower you to become a plastic free ambassador for your community. You can lead by example by showing what can be done to turn the tide on plastic and have fun doing it. You can get involved by participating in our online programme.

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